San mames stadium – Athletic Clup

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San mames stadium – Athletic Clup

san mames stadium - Athletic Clup
san mames stadium – Athletic Clup

San Mamés Stadium is a football stadium in the Spanish Basque Country. It was built right next to the old San Mamés stadium, which was used from 1913 until 2013


San mames stadium, which has been serving Basque club since 1913; Athletic Bilbao fans closed the doors in the league against Levante. After the Levante match, supporters, players from Bilbao and young team footballers, together with the 100th anniversary of the club, held for 100 seconds a veteran stadium applause. During this time, footballers and supporters had difficulty keeping their tears.


The stat, which has hosted many important games including the 1982 World Cup and the nickname of “Cathedral” due to its magic; Until the Guggenheim Museum opened in 1997, it was one of the most tourist attractions in Bilbao.

Athletic Bilbao’s new stat is not far from the old San Mames. Because Athletic Bilbao’s new home; 53 thousand 500 people “San Mames Barria” stadium; It is located very close to the san mames stadium.


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